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  • five wave bands LED fluorescent microscope

    Five Wave Bands LED Fluorescent Microscope XYL-700Y

    XYL-700Y five wave bands LED fluorescent microscope is widely used in biology, medicine, immunology, oncology, genetics, materials science and other fields. It has five wave bands as G, B, BV, V, U and meanwhile, the conventional transmission observation can be processed. High precision filters and LED revolver system makes the conversion of the different wave bands flexible, soft and accurate positioning. It also ensures that each wave band can be illuminated by excitation light fully and equably. High quality optical system and advanced stray light elimination system greatly increased the Signal-to-Noise of the fluorescent image. Large N.A fluorescent objectives greatly increased the fluorescent intensity. It can make you observe the satisfactory fluorescent effect. Humanized configuration design, convenient operation system and novel appearance would be your best choice.

  • inverted five wave bands fluorescent microscope

    Inverted Five Wave Bands Fluorescent Microscope XYL-412Y

    XYL-412Y inverted five wave bands fluorescent microscope is composed of inverted microscope and Epi-fluorscent microscope. The inverted microscope has the feature to observe the specimen in Culture flask and Petri dish. Epi-fluorescent device applies to the fluorescent microscopy. It is equipped with infinite long working distance big numeral aperture Plan Apochromatic objective, phase contrast kit and phase contrast objectives. The transparent alive objects can be observed without dyeing. Epi-fluorescent microscope adopts LED excitation which controlled by touch screen to make fluorescent image clear. Long working distance condenser can contain higher culture dish and specimen. This equipment is specially suitable for micro research of living cells and organization, fluidness and sediment. It is an ideal equipment for researching treatment, epidemic prevention and farming, stock raising & forestry department, etc.