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  • Epi-fluorescent microscope

    Fluorescence Microscope XYL-146YA XYL-146YAT

    Model XYL-146Y Epi-fluorescent microscope is widely used in Biology, latrology, Immunology, Genetics, Material science, etc. It is usually outfitted with 2 wave bands, B&G, and you can also proceed general transmission view at the same time. U&V. wave band is available for option.
    High quality optical system and B&G. fluoroscope box bring you satisfactory fluorescent effect.

  • Fluorescence Microscope

    Fluorescence Microscope XYL-606

    XYL-606 Fluorescence Microscope is made up of the Biological microscope and Epi-fluorescence device. Epi-fluorescence widely used in biology, medicine, immunology, oncology, genetics, materials science and other fields. Conventional configuration has 5 wave bands, and B, G, BV, V, U can be switched, and meanwhile, the conventional transmission observation can be proceeded. High-quality optical system and fluorescent attachment make you observed the satisfactory fluorescent effect.