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  • Inverted Biological Microscope

    Inverted Biological Microscope XDS-403 series

    Model XDS-403 series Inverted Biological Microscope with its excellent optical capability, wide application, firm body frame and skillful figure design, meet the demands of biology, microbiology, histology immunology and iatrology, etc. This inverted biological microscope provides excellent functions .High resolution and contrast long working distance objectives provide high quality image. High contrast Phase contrast objectives make the figure and configuration of the cells more clear. The long working distance condenser can contain higher vessels or samples. The stable & reliable “T” type base, streamline figure design, simple and convenient operating system make your work easy and relax.

  • inverted biological microscope

    Inverted Biological Microscope XDS-412

    XYL-412Y inverted biological microscope is equipped with excellent infinite optical system, long working distance plan objective, wide field eyepiece. The compact and stable high rigid body fully match the shockproof request of the microscope operation. The ergonomics ideal design meets the needs and makes operation more convenient and comfortable, and broad space available for operator. The instrument is suitable for the microscopic observation of cell tissue and transparent liquid organization. It can also proceed dynamic microscope observation of cultured tissue in the petri dish. It is widely used in scientific research, college and university, medical treatment, inspection and quarantine and farming & stock aising and driary industry depeartment, etc.