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  • Transmission and Reflection polarizing microscope

    Transmission and Reflection Polarizing Microscope XP-607LP XP-607LPT

    XP-607LP Transmission and Reflection polarizing microscope is a professional laboratory instrument which is the most commonly sued in geology, minerals, material, etc., departments, and relative Universities and colleges. For non-transparent or translucent objects, you can adopt both transmission and reflection polarizing observation. With the advancing of optical technology, the application range of polarizing microscope is becoming wider and wider. They are widely used in minerals, chemical industry, semi-conductor industry and medicine material testing and so on. It provides users to do single-polarized light observation, orthogonal polarizing observation, cone-ray observation and microscopic photography. It can also configure attachment like test piece Gypsum 1λ, Mica 1/4λ, quartz wedge and mechanical stage. It is a good quality instrument with more maturity function.