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  • up-right metallurgical microscopeup-right metallurgical microscope

    Up-right Metallurgical Microscope XJP-175J

    This series up-right metallurgical microscope is used in observation, analysis and research of metallurgy, crystal, micro-electronics and it’s the first choice for the factories, universities, research institutions and electronic industry. It is adopted two kinds of illumination of reflection and transmission. With the reflected light, it can proceed bright field and polarizing observation. It can also proceed bright field observation under the transmitted illumination.

  • Up-right Metallurgical MicroscopeIndustrial Metallurgical Microscope

    Up-right Metallurgical Microscope XJP-408

    XJP-408 Up-right Metallurgical Microscope is applicable to the observation of transparent and opaque objects. It is equipped with Epi-illumination, transmission illumination system, plan achromatic objectives with sharp & clear image and good contrast. In the meanwhile, it is equipped with polarizing device, it’s an ideal instrument for research such as Metallographic, Precision Engineering and Electronics, suitable for School, Scientific research department and factories as well.